Goldrab is one of the enemies in FNaF World - Fanon Update 3 and appears in Ice Cave.


Goldrab is very similar in apearance to mechrab, but with a gold shell instead of a pink one.


4th WallAn attack which deals up to 400 damage to 3-4 party members. Has a chance of missing. It can also deal 9997-9999 damage, but is unlikely. Can instantly kill them.
Pizza Wheel 2Sends out several pizzas and does hard-hitting damage.


(to be added)


  • Goldrab has 2 counterparts, those being Chillax and Mechrab.
  • "Goldrab" is a combination of the words "golden" and "crab".
  • If the player defeats a Goldrab, it can give out a minimum of 1500 Faz tokens up to a maximum of 2000 Faz tokens, but no XP.
    • The same happens with Gold Endo and Goldmine.
  • Goldrab is a reference to the unused yellow Mechrab enemies that appeared in the first FNAF World trailer.

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