This is the official page for Jason & Friends. There will be spoilers. Consider yourself warned.
Fan-characters who aren't recolours? Finally.
— Jason & Friends' Loading Screen

Jason & Friends are a trio of unlockable characters in the downloadable content for FNaF World - Fanon Update 3.


Jason & Friends are a pixelated trio of characters. Jason has brown shoes, red pants, a blue shirt, brown scarf, brown spiky hair and tan skin. David is big with brown shoes, purple pants, a green shirt, brown scarf, brown spiky hair and tan skin. Jack has brown shoes, dark grey pants, a white shirt, brown scarf and everything else is grey or black.


Hammer TossThrows the hammer. Deals an massive amount of damage to a enemy.
Hocus PocusChance to transform enemies into weaker enemies.
Pizza Wheel 2Like Pizza Wheel, it throws pizza at the enemies, but the pizza is bigger and deals more damage.



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